Successful Book Launch!

Peter John Young‎ to Trentham Connections

In late-breaking news, a big crowd has braved the snow to be at the Trentham Neighbourhood Centre launch of Trentham author Rod Harmon’s second novel this afternoon. 
Rod’s new book, “The Broadsword and the Englishman”, is historical fiction set against the background of China-Japan conflict leading to WW2. The hero, Bill, grows up in China, travels to Wales and Australia and eventually returns to Shanghai to try to resolve his personal conflicts.
The book is available via any on-line book store, can be ordered in via your own bookshop and will be on shelves in Dymocks, Camberwell, next week.
Spoiler alert, Cynthia Goudie has already read the book on-line, reckons it is a good read, but might inadvertently reveal how it all ends if you happen to chat to her before you’ve had a chance to read it yourself.
Rod is a long way into writing his third novel, “The Potato Farmer”, inspired by his move to live in Trentham, so there might be a future book launch coming up for those too timid to risk the weather today.

Ben Harmon